Clár - Timetable

Aoine 1 Márta - Friday 1 March

18:15 Opening address by Dr Liam Chambers (Head of History Dept., MIC)


18:30 Keynote address by Professor Jane Ohlmeyer (TCD):

‘Late the wife of …’: Widows and the 1641 Depositions.(T116, Teamhair building)


19:45 Wine and cheese reception (Students’ Union, Teamhair building)

(Kindly funded by the President’s Office, MIC)


21:30 Food, drink and live music at Bobby Byrne's pub



Satharn 2 Márta - Saturday 2 March


8:30 – 9:00 Registration for conference and dinner

(áit: Teamhair building, MIC)


Session 1: 9:00 – 10:15

Panel 1: Labour histories

Chair: Dr Paul O’Brien (MIC)

Áit: T202

  • Conor McFall (QUB): ‘Set the World Ablaze’: The British Labour Party, The 1956 Hungarian Uprising and the Year of Crisis
  • Matthew Gerth (QUB): Cryptos and Lost Sheep: The Fear of Communist Infiltration in the British Labour Party during the Early Cold War


Panel 2: Murder, death and burial histories

Chair: Dr Clodagh Tait (MIC)

Áit: T203

  • Geraldine Brassil (MIC): For Early Modern Populations in the British and Irish Isles, funerals were about the living as well as the dead
  • Chloé Lacoste (Sorbonne Université): Fenian political funerals – the use of ritual and memory to claim national space and sovereignty, 1858-1916
  • John A. Phayer: ‘Man judges man’s actions, God judges a man’s heart.’ The murder of Peter Nash: Conspiracy or Loyalty?


Panel 3: Visual histories

Chair: Dr Ciara Breathnach (UL)

Áit: T204

  • Siobhan Osgood (TCD): Brick-Branding: Architectural Archaeology of the Great Northern Railway (Ireland)
  • Úna Kavanagh (NUIG): Aesthetics, Identity Politics and the Dillon family through the lens of the Clonbrock Photographic Collection (1860-1930)


Panel 4: Irish Agricultural histories

Chair: Dr Liam Irwin

Áit: T205

  • Declan O’Brien (MIC): The Mighty Quinn – the story of Ireland’s first beef baron
  • Anna Devlin (TCD): National self-sufficiency: Agriculture and government in Ireland, 1932-8


Tea & Coffee: 10:15 – 10:30


Session 2: 10:30 – 12:00


Panel 5: Music, Myth and Medieval histories

Chair: Dr Clodagh Tait (MIC)

Áit: T202

  • Jodie Shevlin (UU): ‘Supernatural Visitings:’ Poltergeist Phenomenon in Nineteenth and Twentieth century Ireland
  • Aoife Cranny Walsh (UCD): Historical Truth and Literary Embellishment: The Historical and Legendary Perceptions of Queenship in Early Medieval Irish sources
  • Catherine Barnwell (TCD): Saints and Song: The role of Devotional music at Medieval Christian Heritage Sites


Panel 6: Biographical histories

Chair: Dr Paul O’Brien (MIC)

Áit: T203

  • Michael Loughman (NUIG): Oliver J. Flanagan – Monetary Reformer
  • Stephen Griffin (UL): ‘Avec distinction, zele, fidelité et attachement’: Count O’Rourke and service, patronage and social advancement in the duchy of Lorraine, 1698-1727
  • Tracy McCarthy (MIC) Morty Óg O’Sullivan Beare, c. 1710-1754


Panel 7: Women’s histories of Ireland

(Kindly sponsored by Women’s History Association of Ireland)

Chair: Dr Sarah-Anne Buckley (NUIG)

Áit: T204

  • Morgan Wait (TCD): Conspicuous Absence: Irish Women and the formation of Teilifís Éireann
  • Susan Byrne (TCD): Keeping company with the enemy: Gender and sexual violence during the Irish War of Independence and the Civil War (1919-1923)
  • Judy Bolger (TCD): ‘A hopeless case’: the representation of mothers and the workhouse in Irish newspapers (1870-1910)


Panel 8: 19th Century health and body histories

Chair: Dr Ciara Breathnach (UL)

Áit: T205

  • Shelby Zimmerman (TCD): The South Dublin Union and Cork Street Fever Hospital’s Response to the Smallpox Epidemic of 1871-3
  • Joyce-Elena Ní Ghiobúin (Independent): ‘I was sick, and ye visited me’. Re-evaluating the role of Protestant lady visitors in Irish healthcare and social welfare (c.1850-1920)
  • Connor Heffernan (UCD): Marching Forwards or Backwards? Drill, Physical Education and the Army in Early Twentieth-Century Ireland


Panel 9: Irish Revolutionary histories

Chair: Dr Martin Walsh (Independent)

Áit: T206

  • Leona Armstrong (Independent): ‘Donegal Amazon’: the Extraordinary Role of Eithne Coyle in the Revolutionary Period
  • Cian Flaherty (TCD): Lucky escapes, rising damp or something else entirely? Why so few Co Waterford big houses were burned in the Irish Revolution
  • Eilish Kavangh (GMIT): A Silk Blouse, a Spy and a Priest: A Brief Overview of Key Incidents in 1920-1921 that led to the escalation of ‘Terror’ in County Galway’s War of Independence


Lunch / AGM: 12:00 – 13:00


13:00 – 13:45 Keynote address by Dr Maura Cronin (MIC)

'"Were you there?" Memory and the historian'

(áit: T116)


Session 3: 13:45 – 15:15


Panel 10: The Irish Abroad

Chair: Dr Gavin Wilke (UL)

Áit: T203

  • Robert Keenan (Utrecht University): Catholic and Protestant Integration in Belfast, Glasgow and Liverpool, 1850-1975
  • David Collopy (MIC): ‘The Fighting Irish, A most unholy row:’ The controversy between John Mitchel and John Hughes, Archbishop of New York in The Citizen newspaper of 1854
  • Liam Barry-Hayes (MIC): 'A veritable palace of journalism, unequalled by any newspaper establishment in New York': Richard K. Fox's National Police Gazette building, Franklin Square


Panel 11: Contextualising history through literature

Chair: Paul McNamara (MIC)

Áit: T204

  • Adele Hannon (MIC): A Monster’s Lesson on History: Examining the Political and Cultural Agendas of the Literary Villain
  • Jade Dillon (MIC): Reflected Realism: How Children’s Literature Simultaneously Reflects and Deconstructs Social Ideologies
  • Ian Hickey (MIC): Repeating the Past: Hauntology, History and the Poetry of Seamus Heaney


Panel 12: Irish Institutional histories

Chair: Dr Anne-Marie Brosnan (MIC)

Áit: T205

  • Victoria Anne Pearson (UCC): ‘We saw a Vision.’ The Cork Charitable Society, 1791-1815
  • Jane O’Brien (NUIG): An analysis of Managers’ Diaries and correspondence from the Irish Industrial School System: 1868-1920
  • Christopher Costigan (TCD): The Irish Big House and the 1837 Slave Compensation Act


Panel 13: The Material Culture of Revolutionary Ireland

Chair: Dr Úna Ní Bhroiméil (MIC)

Áit: T206

  • Timothy Ellis (Teesside University): ‘Putting the blue shirt back into the Blueshirts’: Politics and clothing in 1930s Ireland
  • Niall Murray (Independent): Printing the Irish Revolution: The life and work of Cork nationalist and printer, Patrick Corcoran
  • Caitlin White (TCD): ‘A heady mixture of the big business, the state, and the local’: Irish public history in Dublin and Nenagh after the civil war


Tea & Coffee: 15:15 – 15:30


Session 4: 15:30 – 17:00


Panel 14: 20th Century health and body histories

Chair: Dr Sarah-Anne Buckley (NUIG)

Áit: T203

  • Ruth Coon (UU): ‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.’ Healthcare during the Troubles
  • Eugenie Hanley (UCC): Public Health Nurses and the expansion of Maternal and Infant Provision, 1922-1960
  • Aisling Shalvey (University of Strasbourg): The Eight Amendment in Historical Perspective


Panel 15: 20th Century Political histories

Chair: Dr Richard McMahon (MIC)

Áit: T204

  • Seán Donnelly (Teesside University): Purging the ‘Slave Mind’: Cumann na nGaedheal and the Philosophy of Irish-Ireland
  • Ronan Francis Doheny (TCD): Patrick McGilligan and his infamous quote: ‘Characteristic or out of context?’
  • Brian Daly (GMIT): Electoral Politics in the Irish Free State Constituencies of Galway, Mayo South and Mayo North: A Study of the 1923 General Election and the Political Parties and Politicians who contested it


Panel 16: Northern Irish histories

Chair: Dr Brian Hughes (MIC)

Áit: T205

  • Noel Lindsay (MIC): Belfast, ‘The Good Old Days?’ Conditional Relations and Government
  • Aleja Allen (UCD): Under the Wrong Banner: Springtown Camp and the Peaceful Fight for Better Housing
  • Elisa Cofini (QUB): The definition of Terrorism as a bullet in the war of words: The legacy of Operation Demetrius in Northern Ireland


Panel 17: Textual analysis of Irish history

Chair: Dr Liam Chambers (MIC)

Áit: T206

  • Maelle Le Roux (UL): Three nationalist women in the Capuchin Annual (1930-1977): the representation of Constance Markievicz, Miss Pearse and Mrs Pearse
  • Natasha Dukelow (UCC): Sex, Sin and Social Concern in the Liber Exemplorum
  • James Greaney (TCD): Richard Cox’s History of Ireland, Hibernia Anglicana, on William of Orange’s Reformation and Godly War


Closing remarks 17:00 - 17:05


18:30 - 19:45 Wine reception at the mediaeval St Mary’s Cathedral with address by city mayor James Collins

(Kindly sponsored by EML Architects)


20:00 Conference Dinner with live music at The Locke Bar, George’s Quay


21:30 Social night