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Friday 23rd February
Welcome Reception
Great Hall

Saturday 24th February
Registration (£15)
8.30-9.00 in MU319
(All papers will take place in the new MU building)

Session 1: 9:00-10.15

Panel 1: Early Modern Kingship, Identity and Linguistics
Chair: TBC
Room: MU308
➢ Nuno Silva (Ulster University)
Traumatic Marriage: How Philip II of Spain became Philip I of Portugal
➢ James Greaney (Trinity College Dublin)
‘Insula Sanctorum’: Irish Protestant Identity and the Past
➢ Ryan Dempsey (Queen’s University Belfast)
Transition or Transformation?: Linguistic Shifts in the Early Modern Scottish Lowlands

Panel 2: Re-evaluating Education in 20th Century Ireland
Chair: TBC
Room: MU309
➢ Caitlin White (Trinity College Dublin)
Public History and the Academic Study: A case study on public reactions to the Report of the Committee on the Criminal Law Amendment Acts (1880-85) and how this continues to influence the study of the crucial years 1922-37
➢ Colm Mac Gearailt (Trinity College Dublin)
The Teaching of Irish History in Northern Ireland, 1920-72
➢ Will Burton (Ulster University)
‘May the Lord save us from our universities and protect us from our professors’ - Student Publications, Professors and the Spanish Civil War

Panel 3: Women in the Domestic and Public Spheres
(Panel sponsored by the Women’s History Association Ireland- WHAI)
Chair: TBC
Room: MU310
➢ Judy Bolger (Trinity College Dublin)
Breastfeeding in nineteenth-century Ireland
➢ Daniel McCurdy (Ulster University)
“A work which surely should appeal to the heart of an Irishwoman”, The Ladies’ Auxiliary and the Ancient Order of Hibernians, 1908-18
➢ Anna Devlin (Trinity College Dublin)
Assessing the impact of the women’s pages in the national Irish newspapers, 1967-75


Session 2: 10:30-12.00

Panel 1: Radicalism, Religion and Race
Chair: TBC
Room: MU308
➢ Jodie Shevlin (Ulster University)
Catholic clergy, Exorcism and the Supernatural in pre-famine Wexford
➢ David Collopy (Mary Immaculate College Limerick)
Representations of Republicanism and Race in the journalism of John Mitchel in the United Irishman newspaper of 1848
➢ Katelyn Hanna (NUI Maynooth)
‘A sense of public duty compels me’: Rev Edward Glacken and the struggle for Tenant-Right in Donegal, 1848-1853
➢ Manon Nouvian (Trinity College Dublin)
‘Toasting the memory of Thomas Paine in nineteenth-century British popular radicalism’

Panel 2: Transnational Connections and Influence
Chair: TBC
Room: MU309
➢ Anna Maleszka (Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland)
The self-representation of municipal authorities in medieval chartered towns of Ireland, Prussia and Livonia
➢ Mateusz Maleszka (Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland)
The expansion of “Nordic race” in Ireland and Poland in H.F.K. Günther’s works
➢ Keith Harrington (NUI Maynooth)
Moldovan's and Minorities: The effects of the Moldovan language laws on Transnistria's russified population

Panel 3: Sexuality in Ireland
Chair: TBC
Room: MU310
➢ Cian Ó Néill (Independent Scholar)
Fashionable sin and the difficult commandment’: Examining Irish religious sexual advice pamphlets
➢ Matthew Molloy (NUIG Maynooth)
Towards a Geertzian Historical-Interpretive Science of Male Homosexuality on Ireland, c.1885-1925
➢ Connor Heffernan (Trinity College Dublin)
Physical Culture and the Absent Body in Historical Writing


Session 3: 12:15-13:30

Panel 1: Institutionalised Irish Patients
Chair: TBC
Room: MU308
➢ Triona Waters (Mary Immaculate College Limerick)
Limerick and the insane: The emergence of Irish psychiatry and its practice concerning Limerick City and County, 1800 – 1840
➢ Michael Kinsella (Ulster University)
‘The Irish-born private patients of the Royal Edinburgh Asylum, 1868-1898
➢ Olivia Frehill (Trinity College Dublin)
Apart from the World: St Joseph’s Asylum for Aged and Virtuous Women, 1836- 1922

Panel 2: Crime and Criminal Behaviour
Chair: TBC
Room: MU309
➢ Kelvin Gates (Ulster University)
Poitín making, secret societies and the murder of Norton Butler in Inishowen, 1816
➢ Paul McGinley (Queen’s University Belfast)
The City by night: an analysis of the perceptions of darkness and its association with crime in Ireland, 1870-1920

Panel 3: Politics, Domesticity and Identity
Chair: TBC
Room: MU318
➢ Laura Mather (Mary Immaculate College Limerick)
Politics and domesticity: The letters of Pamela Fitzgerald and Lucy Fitzgerald between 1796 and 1798
➢ Úna Kavanagh (NUI Galway)
Anglo-Irish Identity and the Dillon family of Galway: The Clonbrock Photographic Collection

Panel 4: Manuscripts and Connections (Gaeilge)
Chair: TBC
Room: MU319
➢ Dónal Ó Catháin (Independent Scholar)
Na Gearaltaigh agus Traidisiún Lámhscríofa na hÉireann
➢ Ciarán Ó Meachair (Queen’s University Belfast)
An cairdeamh idir an tOrd Oráisteach agus an Rialtas sna Tuaisceart ó 1921 go 1968

(AGM will take place in MU319)

Session 4: 14.30-15:45

Panel 1: Revolutionary Ireland: Evolution and Aftermath
Chair: TBC
Room: MU308
➢ Pat McGarty (Dublin City University)
Co. Leitrim: Politics and War, 1912-1923
➢ Seán Donnelly (Teeside University)
'Masters of Our Own House': Post-coloniality and the Shaping of Treatyite Politics, 1922-24
➢ Dan Haverty (University College Cork)
Echoes of Civil War: The 1930s Blueshirt Crisis

Panel 2: The Troubles’: Social and Political Impact
Chair: TBC
Room: MU309
➢ Josie Richardson (Queen’s University Belfast)
Mentalities, Motivations and Priorities of the Derry Crowd during the Riots of August 1969
➢ Ruth Coon (Ulster University)
The Northern Ireland Troubles and Musgrave Park Hospital
➢ Elisa Cofini (University of Trento, Italy)
‘No Country is an Island’


Session 5: 16:00-17:00

Panel 1: Military History
Chair: TBC
Room: MU308
➢ George Evans (King’s College London)
The early twentieth-century Irish landed class: a military caste?
➢ Thomas Tormey (Trinity College Dublin)
Army without bugles: the boys of B Company, 4th Battalion, Dublin Brigade in the War of Independence

Panel 2: Political Debate in Troubled Times
Chair: TBC
Room: MU309
➢ Michael Heney (University College Dublin)
Aspects of Charles Haughey`s Involvement in the 1970 Arms Crisis
➢ Fiona McKelvey (Ulster University)
‘The jezebel who sought to destroy Israel in a day’: Thatcher’s impact on the Northern Ireland peace process, 1984-1987



Keynote Lecture by Breandán Mac Suibhne 17:15-18:15

Room: Great Hall
(author of The End of Outrage: Post-Famine Adjustment in Rural Ireland - recent winner of the Irish Times non-fiction book of the year award)

Followed by Closing Remarks


19:00 Mayoral Reception in the Guildhall
(Kindly sponsored by Visit Derry)

20:30 Conference Dinner in the Maldron Hotel